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#1 Sustainable Space Logistics digital symposium February 16-18th 2021

Our partners 

(in alphabetical order)


ClearSpace is an EPFL spin-off founded in 2018 out of the realization that On-Orbit Servicing and Space Debris Removal are vital services for the future of Space exploration and operations.

We believe in reusability, we believe that affordability drives disruption, and we believe that no progress is real unless it is sustainable.In 2019, ClearSpace was selected by the European Space Agency to lead the first mission to remove debris from Orbit by 2025.

Today ClearSpace has assembled a robust industrial team and is building up the path toward sustainable Space operations.


Twitter: @ClearspaceToday



DHL logo


DHL is the leading global brand in the logistics industry. The DHL divisions offer an unrivalled

portfolio of logistics services ranging from national and international parcel delivery, e-commerce

shipping and fulfillment solutions, international express, road, air and ocean transport to industrial

supply chain management. With about 380,000 employees in more than 220 countries and

territories worldwide, DHL connects people and businesses securely and reliably, enabling global

sustainable trade flows. With specialized solutions for growth markets and industries including

technology, life sciences and healthcare, engineering, manufacturing & energy, auto-mobility and

retail, DHL is decisively positioned as “The logistics company for the world”.


DHL is part of Deutsche Post DHL Group. The Group generated revenues of more than 63 billion

euros in 2019. With sustainable business practices and a commitment to society and the

environment, the Group makes a positive contribution to the world. Deutsche Post DHL Group

aims to achieve zero-emissions logistics by 2050.








The Euroconsult Group is a leading international consulting and research firm specialized in high technology industries, with expertise in the space industry, satellite-based applications, aero connectivity, information and data services. Privately owned and fully independent, we have over thirty years of experience developing comprehensive research programs and working with private companies and government entities, providing end-to-end consulting services, from project strategy definition to implementation, bringing data-led perspectives on the most critical issues.


The Euroconsult Group is trusted by 600 clients in over 50 countries. The Group is headquartered in France, with offices in the U.S., Canada, Japan and Singapore.





Twitter: @euroconsultEC



Secure World Foundation

The mission of the Secure World Foundation (SWF) is to work with governments, industry, international organizations, and civil society to develop and promote ideas and actions to achieve the secure, sustainable, and peaceful uses of outer space benefiting Earth and all its peoples.

As the only organization devoted entirely to space sustainability, the Secure World Foundation strives to be a trusted and objective source of leadership and information on space security, sustainability, and the use of space for benefits on Earth. We use a global and pragmatic lens to study and evaluate proposed solutions to improve the governance of outer space. While recognizing the complexities of the international political environment, SWF works to encourage and build relationships with all willing stakeholders in space activities, including government, commercial, military, civil society, and academic actors. Central to this approach is increasing knowledge about the space environment and the need to maintain its stability, promoting international cooperation and dialogue, and helping all space actors realize the benefits that space technologies and capabilities can provide.



Twitter: @SWFoundation




Space Generation Advisory Council

The Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) is an international non-profit organisation andprofessional network, which aims at sharing the views of students and young professionals tothe United Nations (UN), space agencies, industry and academia. 

Space Safety and Sustainability (SSS) is one of SGAC’s ten project groups. It is a platform inwhich members contribute to technical and policy debates, and explore current and futuretrends on the topic through the development of several projects and initiatives.
Its objectives are:

  1. To identify key issues and areas of space safety and sustainability relating to current and proposed space operations.
  2. To examine the safety and long-term sustainability of outer space activities in all aspects, taking into account the interests of all countries.
  3. To create an international space forum to showcase the youth’s perspective on the safety of space activities, and the sustainability of the space environment for future generations.




Twitter: @SGAC_SSS




Space Innovation (previously Swiss Space Center)

On January 1st 2021, Swiss Space Center became Space Innovation.

Space Innovation builds on the multi-domain relevance of space technologies to support the development of innovative projects in the space sector. 

Its focus is:

  • Strengthening Switzerland’s space capabilities
  • Offering opportunities to involve players in space innovation
  • Enabling space technologies to contribute to sustainable development

Its core capabilities are:

  • An established network in Switzerland
  • A solid national and international recognition and reputation
  • Access to cutting edge technologies (from academia, RTOs and industrial partners)




Twitter: @SpaceInnovCH




SpaceWatch.Global is a digital magazine and portal for those interested in space and the far-reaching impact that space developments have. While showcasing the technology that enables the industry to edge closer to the next frontier, SpaceWatch.Global also provides analysis, forecasts and insight into the geopolitical implications of space developments.

From space policy, exploration and missions to space weapons and technology, we provide a complete perspective on the global space sector.

The team behind SpaceWatch.Global comprises a dynamic mix of space geeks, tech junkies, space policy experts, regional space specialists and passionate writers. We fully believe that space should be used for humanity; that it enables knowledge and enriches societies.

SpaceWatch.Global is published by ThorGroup GmbH, headquartered in Bern, Switzerland. In the true Swiss spirit, neutrality, ethics and integrity are at our core. SpaceWatch.Global abides by the Society of Professional Journalists’ code of ethics; we seek truth and report it.




Twitter: @SpaceWatchGL


Swiss Space Office

Space activities occupy an important place in our society. Beyond their scientific contribution to exploring the planet Earth and the universe, they have become an integral part of our daily lives through satellite telecommunication services, road, maritime and air navigation systems, Earth observation for meteorology or climate change research.

Switzerland has been involved in the space odyssey from the early days. It seeks to position itself in such a way in a European space strategy so that it can promote and defend its interests in a global context. Our country aspires to be a competitive, reliable and vital partner in the space sector. Today, Switzerland holds a solid and acknowledged position that is justified by its competence in precision technology and innovation capability, among other things. Space constantly brings challenges which drive researchers and industries to progress and become increasingly inventive.

Space contributes to our country's prosperity. It generates considerable value-added activities for the benefit of future generations. We cannot simply stand-by but must participate actively in the space endeavours.




Twitter: @SBFI_CH


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