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#1 Sustainable Space Logistics digital symposium February 16-18th 2021

earth on cardboard surounded by space items

#1 Sustainable Space logistics
digital symposium 

February 16-18th 2021


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A space revolution

A revolution is afoot in space logistics. Starting with shoebox-sized nanosatellites, now a reusable rocketry renaissance and soon swarming satellite mega-constellations providing continuous internet on the planet. These developments could provide wonderful benefits, but also bring serious sustainability challenges, one of them being increased congestion and orbital debris.


Time to (re)think, time to (re)act

50 years of government-led space activities are now being reinvented by all stakeholders. And it should be done with United Nations and European Space Agency sustainability goals in mind.

Introducing the Sustainable Space Logistics (SSL) initiative: in 2019, the EPFL Space Center (eSpace) in Lausanne, Switzerland, started a research initiative on Sustainable Space Logistics. The thematic of space logistics is still largely untouched and will be the backbone of multiple large-scale applications on new materials & services, data, human spaceflight, etc.

Get onboard !

For this first digital symposium, eSpace invites you to a 3-days journey featuring space and sustainability experts, as well as observers from outside the space area.

 Day 1  We will explain the vision of SSL and find out what is the current relation between space activities and sustainability.

 Day 2  A look at the ongoing revolution gripping the new space industry. We will also feature the experience of a non-space industry that has faced similar transformation.

 Day 3  We would like to conclude on the perspectives, highlighting Swiss success stories such as ClearSpace, looking at the legal and policy framework and giving the voice to the younger generation.


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